Name : Lynelle Rose

Profession :  Content Creator / Cam Girl   

Ethnicity : Caucsian

Country : USA

Measurements : 38DD

Eden Catagory : Curvy, Natural, Full Figured

Likes: Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, Dolly Parton. Dislikes: Reality TV


Name : Lexy

Profession : Model    

Ethnicity : Italian

Country : Canada

Measurements : 34DD 26 56

Eden Catagory : Natural, Curvy, BigBooty

Bio : Likes Concerts, Long walks, Photography

Dislikes : Waiting, Small talk.


Name : Lissa Ell

Profession :  tbc    

Ethnicity : Canadian

Country : Alberta, Canada

Measurements : 5ft 11 

Eden Catagory : Enhanced, curvy

Bio : I was made to be wild, wicked and free, to carve out my own crzy destiny, to find a place in this world where i can be the most authentic version of me.


Name : Londynn Vega

Profession :  Fashion Model , Busty Vixen 

Ethnicity : American

Country : USA

Measurements : 36H

Eden Catagory : Natural, Curvy,Tropical, Full Figured, BigBooty

Bio : Owner of @theprettyonpurpose

 I cant be explained, i can only be experienced

LIkes : Cosplay, makeup and Netflix movies

Dislikes : Anything that can waste my time