Eden Management Services

We know how busy and time consuming running multiple pages can be and believe it or not most people do have a life away from social media but it’s important to try keep your presence active and seen by to all your followers.

We offer the opportunity to ensure that your pages are consistantly seen by and viewed by your fans with the goal of taking all the stress of spending hours each week promoting yourself. 

Currently we offer a promotional page management service for Onlyfans and Patreon where we create an exclusive landing page which will alow us to advertise your pages onto all of our social media platforms within the storys, pages and highlight reels.   We then post them throughout the week , every weeks ensuring your page is showing up onto fans new feed giving you more time to focus on you and creating content. 

All we ask is an initial sign up fee of £19.99 then followed by 10% of any profit you make from your pages. 

Contact us to arrange a feature